Save on blinds

After many years of being strictly a word-of-mouth business, Save on Blinds has taken to the internet. Our blinds systems can be installed in little to no time at all while providing an instant increase in the value of your property, and the touch that completes a room. Our friendly customer service is available at your convenience, our accurate estimates and quality worksmanship will ensure you become yet another satisfied customer. Serving Vancouver and area since 1999.


The worksmanship was second to none. I can't believe how affordable it was to completely transform my room, it was truly the finishing touch!

Danny Wo - Richmond, BC

I was on a timeline and a budget. I hadn't thought to have a screen door before my husband agreed to hosting a gigantic barbeque! I'm glad I saved myself the hassle of having all those bugs living in my house!


Jane Smith - North Vancouver, BC